Advaita in Ambigrams

Here is a short trailer directed by me for Advaita Academy. (

Ambigrams are words that read the same from a different direction or orientation. An ambigram is particularly potent symbol to represent the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta for three reasons:

– it presents the appearance of duality but, on investigation is found to be only one. In this sense, it is a metaphor for the non-dual reality in which are resolved all seeming opposites –both good and bad, angels and demons.

– the recognition that the symbol is an ambigram does not usually occur immediately. It is only after a period of study and contemplation that the realization suddenly occurs. In this sense, it is a metaphor for the enlightenment that takes place in the mind on the dawning of Self-knowledge.

– appearances should not be taken at face value. If we look beyond the name and form, we may discover the unity behind the outward show.

May the viewers find in these talks the resolution of seeming opposites and the dawn of enlightenment. May the seeming duality resolve into the non-duality of Advaita.

(Special thanks to John Langdon, the designer, who popularized ambigrams in the book ‘Angels and Demons’ by Dan Brown, Dennis Waite for expressing the concept so beautifully, Sanket Vadlamani for his music and Arth Media Solutions for making the ad)

One thought on “Advaita in Ambigrams

  1. coneived with a passion for art, love for music,and an insight into philosophy.. this introduction will transport many in the years ahead…

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