Welcome to Hyderabad & Few suggestions for Narendra Modi’s speech

Honorable Sir,

I am writing in continuation of my previous response to your blog onTelangana.


As you board your flight to Hyderabad , I would like you to read this special edition of Swagat magazine on the flight. It contains the Sri Krishna Committee report. Even though their conclusions were not specific and suffered from cowardice, their analysis was thorough. It is a comprehensive work. You can come to your own conclusions on the validity of the demand for a separate Telangana. I am sure you will change your speech after reading it.


A few days ago, your senior party colleague & leader of the opposition in the Lok Sabha proudly tweeted that she met with the speaker and one of the demands she put forth was the introduction of bill on Telangana in the Monsoon session itself. (Your other colleague & leader of the opposition of the Rajya Sabha has so far not made any statement as he is preoccupied with issues of greater national importance overseeing the affairs of BCCI). Whilst you have at least outlined in your blog several steps that need to be under taken to build a consensus and assuage the feelings of the people from Seema Andhra, your other colleagues not only are not bothered about us, but appear to be in a tearing hurry to tear us apart !

We also demanded that the Bill for creation of Telangana should be brought in this session.

— Sushma Swaraj (@SushmaSwarajbjp) August 3, 2013

In my previous blog, I have posed several questions on Dharma to you. Let me now outline to you what I believe is the Dharmic way out of this imbroglio.

If we search your name + federal structure on Google ” Modi reminds UPA of Federal Dharma”  screams a headline. In fact one can find several instances of your statements on the need to maintain the federal structure of our country, whether it is on NCTC or Food Security Bill or Lokpal you have always fought for the rights of the states to determine their own fate. You have even given a specific talk on this subject ‘ Indian Federal Structure and the Current Scenario”.


Given your past statements one would normally come to a conclusion that your constitutional view of the federal structure would be that the only the people of the state should have a right to decide especially on matters directly relating to them. To quote your response to Sri Pranab Mukerji on Lokpal you have said “In a federal structure, consultation between Centre and states should be a serious affair and should not amount to a mere consultation on limited issues which seems is a matter of compulsion for the Centre.” Thus far you have only been confronted with issues relating to taxes, security, etc for which you have readily taken umbrage against the UPA. Here we are talking about splitting a state through a decision imposed on us by the Centre. Yet you do not seem to mind this constitutional impropriety or nor have commented on it.So much for all this talk on Federal structure and the need to protect it !

Sir, the fact of the matter is that Congress did not fight the 2009 assembly elections on the promise of Telangana statehood. The people did not vote for such an separation. We therefore need to go back to the people and take their opinion. This is their inherent right. We must immediately conduct a referendum on a) Whether we should separate b) What should be the future of Hyderabad. The will of the people of the state has to prevail and Centre cannot impose their decision upon us. To use your own words’Federal Dharma’ has to be maintained. Please therefore address this in your speech and let us know how a separation Bill so eagerly being pushed by your colleagues in Delhi stands the test of your Federal Dharma .

I mentioned to you in my last blog that the local unit of your party has been taking a opportunistic stand on this matter. You may find it interesting to note that local leaders did not recognize nor cooperate with the Sri Krishna Committee. Their contempt for a consultative democratic processcan be seen here :


Infact even the committee mentions the non co operation of BJP. To quote from thereport :

“The entire working of the Committee for the last ten months or so has been covered in detail in the section on Approach and Methodology. It will suffice to conclude that in spite of some initial hiccups, the agitational mood and the early non-cooperative stance taken by a few groups, who, except for the BJP,soon thereafter started extending their full support, the Committee was able to complete its mandate in the given time-frame.”

So during the public meeting if Sri Kishan Reddy leans and whispers in your ear hoping that the photographers will capture a “Nehru-Gandhi” kodak moment, please do remind him of his obligations to the people and need to adhere to democratic processes.

Coming back to Sri Krishna Commissions report, one important suggestion that they have made as Option 4 could be a potential solution that is fair to all the parties.It is to expand the Hyderabad region in such a way that the boundaries reach both Seema as well as Andhra. Not only will this solve the ‘ supposed’ issues relating to lack of border contiguity with Seema Andhra, it will also make Hyderabad as a growth engine for entire Andhra Pradesh. Please therefore touch upon this option in your speech. Proposed map of this option is given below.

I would also request you to modify your speech and remove any mention about making India “Congress” free or talking about Gujarat growth & governance model. For this time I would rather you focus only on Andhra Pradesh as there is a “Clear and Present Danger” to its future, if things are allowed to continue as they are.

Either a referendum or agreeing to Option 4 would be Dharmic. United Andhra Pradesh needs you. It needs your clarity, conviction and courage.

Welcome to Hyderabad.

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