Mr Prime Minister speed it up !

Three news items over the last 48 hours, prompted this blog.

  • MMS grandly announces that Rahul Gandhi would be ideal for the Prime Minister’s position after the 2014 elections and that he would be very happy to work for the Congress party under the leadership of Mr Gandhi.
  • An agile and aggressive Narendra Modi promptly responds with this tweet “PM talks of happily working under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership next year! Wasn’t he doing the same all these years?”
  • Simultaneously the Editorial board of New York times in an article titled ‘India in reverse’ have this to say about MMS. “Singh has been an ineffectual leader without much authority. The real power is held by his political patron, Sonia Gandhi, who leads the Indian National Congress Party..”

Now watch this short clip from the documentary “Capitalism, A love story” by Michael Moore. This section highlights how Don Regan and corporate America  controlled Ronald Reagan.

Please click once again on  “Watch on YouTube”

For me this video captures very eloquently the dual power structure we have been enduring for the past nine years between MMS and SG/ RG. 

Just substitute Ronald Reagan with the image of MMS and Don Regan with that of SG/RG  and we have our own desi version of  “Who tells the Prime Minister to speed it up?”!

Citizen’s message to MMS. Speed it up. Not the speech, but your term!

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