Indian Right Liberal

There are a number of imbalances and inequalities in India.

Income, caste, gender are some of the things that often come to mind. However an imbalance that goes unnoticed and not talked about, at least in terms of correcting the same, is the ideological imbalance that exists between the Left and the Right.

Thanks largely to the socialist and communist foundations laid since independence and further strengthened by the rule of Congress over the last 60 odd years, the public discourse and narrative is largely Left centric. Ironically, the majoritaranism that most Left liberals so fear from the Government of day, is actually true at least in terms of the Left Indian intellectuals dominence in public discourse.

The last 20 years of liberalisation has resulted in the middle class gravitating towards a Right of centre political and economic view. However the powerful Left intellectuals,who dominate the public discourse have sought to impose upon them a Left of centre, rights and entitlement based persona that does not belong to them naturally. This dichotomy has confused the average Indian. What he naturally feels is one thing, what hears in the public narrative that he actually should feel is something else! Culturally too there has been a systematic effort to cut the roots with our heritage with the result that he is also confused with his national identity.

Compounding the problem is the sheer numbers with which the Left intellectuals outnumber the Right. One can safely say that for every one moderate, well meaning and Right leaning intellectual, there are at least twenty five from the Left !

Thanks to the advent of social media, a large number of Indians have broken away from the shackles of Left leaning thought and have been able to discover their role as a citizen,establish their identity and sense of belonging to their country. However the process of this break away has sometimes led to violent verbal outbursts leading them to be immediately branded as Rightwing extremists, trolls, members of the Hindutva brigade, Internet Hindus, etc. Expressing pride in one’s identity is automatically associated as being ‘communal’! Since a large part of the public narrative is controlled by the Left intellectuals, all attempts made to establish themselves as a voice with moderation have been unsuccessful, leading to a sense of further frustration.  A stereo type of a Right intellectual who is radical has been successfully imprinted on the public psyche.

Ordinarily a Left Vs Right debate is good for a vibrant democracy if it is done with integrity. However thanks to their unchallenged dominance, the Indian Left has been less than true to themselves and their cause. The following three traits seem to have afflicted a large number of them:

  • Deliberate distortion of facts.  The falsehood of Left intellectuals is evident by the impunity with which they knowingly & deliberately distort well established facts to substantiate their point of view. Whether it is the people dead in riots or economic numbers, we see spectacle of renowned intellectuals refusing to acknowledge the truth and blatantly continue with their attempts to mislead.
  • Inconsistent Application of Principles : Left’s moral double standards & duplicity while initially disconcerting has now become a source of amusement. What is good for the Right goose is not for the Left gander ! They rush to comment on any case of morality involving the Right and steadfastly remain silent when it involves their own cause.
  • Sophistry in framing the debates :  Finally, the sophistry & chicanery of their arguments is often difficult to discover thanks to their sophistication. We see a number of arguments/conclusions put forth by them which do not flow from the premises upon which they are supposedly based on. The issues for debate themselves are framed in manner that automatically put the Right on the defensive.

We therefore have a situation where in the Left intellectuals outnumber the Right by a wide margin, control the media and public discourse, use falsehoods, deceit and illogical reasoning as a means to establish and sustain their point of view.

This is an important social imbalance that needs to be urgently corrected. All their falsehoods, duplicity & irrational narrative needs to be countered, with facts, logic and respect as weapons.

We need to create an eco system of intellectual Kshatriyas to counter the Left ideology and establish the Right as the mainstream narrative. This eco system can take shape in multiple ways. Research institutes, Magazines, Conferences, Digital Platforms that promote the cause of the Right need to come up. Perhaps a society for Indian Right Liberals also needs to be established.

The time has come for the Indian Right to take off. Thanks to the change in the Government, at least there are no headwinds to fight. As the Bollywood song goes, for the Indian right, “its the time to disco” !

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