Karma is not a Bitch

Vedanta is not something abstract or esoteric for some distant future. It is knowledge for living your life here and now. Here are some thoughts on theory of karma from my own experience.

Interestingly these words of death taught me to live.



Lying on a pyre of broken promises,

Unfulfilled agreements, some tacit, some written;

Set to fire by resentment & misses



Trust I did, betray they did;

Money drove, means justified

Friendship you sought, riches they bid



Cheated and defeated, engulfed in a flame

Watched by brothers & friends,

Them or I, who do I blame?



I am but paying for mistakes from the past;

Seeking no retribution

Bearing no ill will; lying in peace at last



Grateful for the lessons learnt; pyre smells of sandal wood

 Karma is not a bitch, we are

Each of us will pay for our acts, as we so should

(Special thank you to my friend Dimple Kaul for her inputs)

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