Chicken 65 for the Soul -2



Till recently, if had to give a one line update about myself, “it would be past middle age with severe challenges at work”. To add to this, I had a health episode that was straight out of a movie. So the update would be “past middle age, severe challenges at work with a missed stunt at a stent”.

Low readings of Vitamin D and B 12 certainly didn’t help the cause. Remember the old Hamdard Cinkara ad by Javad Jaffrey?  Where he reaches out to the phone and buckles down under the weight of his lethargy? That would be an apt description of my general outlook.

Meanwhile my son is who is studying film writing in his college came to visit us. We were catching up on his courses and he told me about the ‘three act structure’ that most films follow. He explained that within the three acts of “set up”, “confrontation”, and “resolution”, there would be four things to look out for. An “inciting incident” “plot point 1”, “mid point’ ” plot point 2″ and finally the ‘climax’.

He showed me this schematic of the three act structure which movies generally follow:


Chicken 65 for the Soul


One morning, seeing me sitting quiet by myself he came up to me and gave the most beautiful piece of advice any father can get from a son. He showed me the above picture again and said that my current situation was actually a “plot point 2” in the “second act”. He told me the ‘third act’ in my life was yet to come and that in the climax there would eventually be a “resolution”. He told me to pick myself up get over the “second act”, move on to the “third act” and give it a good fight !

His words of encouragement through this example were so powerful and direct that I instantly snapped out of my enervated slumber overwhelmed with burst of positive energy. I could clearly see how the narrative arc of my life can mirror that of a movie.

Real inspires reel. Reel inspires real.

As I go through the “third act’ of my life, feeling blessed to receive such insightful advice from my son.

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