Adi Shankara is back.

Memories from the books you have read can come back to act a source of inspiration for a future story that needs to be told.

Quite some long ago I was an avid fan of Clive Cussler’s books and the protagonist Dirk Pitt. One of his books Sahara has a character named Kitty Mannock, an Australian pilot who on her way from London to Cape town dies in an air crash. Her body is never found and 60 years later Dirk Pitt, who is stranded in the Sahara desert comes across the wreckage as well as her remarkably preserved body.

Somehow this part of the story was deeply embedded in my memory only to resurface as an inspiration for another story to be told.

As we all know, the death of Adi Shankara is not clearly documented. What is known to us is that he was ailing and walks into the Himalayas leaving his immediate disciples behind, never to come back. Apart from this stray bit of information nothing further is known or documented.

So here is the outline of a story inspired by Clive Cussler.

Supposing the body of Adi Shankara is now discovered in a cave in Kargil by a solider?  Fully preserved because of the extremely cold weather, pristine in condition, with his saffron clothes on. A serene and knowledgeable face smiling eternally. After the necessary tests the scientists establish that it is indeed the mortal remains of Adi Shankara. He is immediately brought to Delhi and preserved in a casket for public display.

As we all know in the 9th Century, he has travelled across the length and breadth of the country unified Hindus, systematised their practices and debated with the Buddhists to make Bharat, a Vaidika society once again. Now imagine how his physical being once again attracts Hindus to come together and through his  sheer physical presence, there is renewed interest in his texts and a consequent resurgence of Hinduism. What kind of story can be built around this event? A thriller? A series of incidents? Or a 20 year time horizon of Hindu’s coalescing together and fighting the forces inimical to it with renewed vigour. May be the story can be developed into a global one. Will the whole world which is moving into spirituality, consciousness, oneness and non dualism now focus specifically into Advaita? Will he finally get the due recognition as the greatest philosopher ever born? Can this be developed into a dialogue and debate based novel? Will the Vedic ideas he systematised and which have been appropriated without acknowledgement be now properly recognised and original source acknowledged ? Will there be a global renaissance and onset of peace ? Will the UN declare his Jayanti as the World Oneness day? What kind of opposition will Modi face when he proposes this? Imagine a 50 page speech on Advaita to the UN Assembly by the protagonist. ( Like the Who is John Galt speech in Atlas Shrugged) .Will this be the single event that the world was looking for to fight global terrorism? There are so many ways this one event can be developed and dovetailed into the current issues Hindus and the world faces.

I request any writer who would like to explore this idea further reach out to me. Perhaps we can make this into a book.

Of course this can only be done with the grace of my guru whose teachings and being are both eternal.









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