I am

a venture investor, seeker and an aspiring artist

               a Hindu, spiritual therefore devotional.

a Dharmic / Indic Liberal  ( Read Here ) ( Read here).

an activist not an intellectual

              an Intellectual’s Kshatriya not a Intellectual Kshatriya

a generalist and not a specialist

excited about generating ideas that have a transformational impact

I envision, enable, empower and enjoy working with other passionate intellectuals in building a global renaissance of Indic civilisational thought.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi HKV, my name is Phanindra Pappu. I have many Vadlamani’s in my family, so your name sounded familiar. I mentioned this casually to my aunt and she told that your father Sri. Vadlamani Umamaheswara Rao was a famous CA in Guntur. Is that correct? So I felt like saying hello. I am also working as a finance professional in Indian power sector, so felt good to know about your success with KSK. All the best – Phani

    My linkedin profile – http://in.linkedin.com/pub/phanindra-srinivasa/3/98b/b19

  2. Hari Aum.

    We are writing to you to express/exchange regarding mutual opportunity for collaboration.
    We saw your articles on your website and we are intrigued by the content you have written.

    Shree Kalyanika Himalaya Dev Sthanam portrays a clear picture of a modern day Ashram that not only creates an ideal environment for a spiritual seeker but also motivates a novice towards spirituality. The Ashram carries out its objective using various tools like publication of books, pamphlets and magazines dealing scientifically with all the aspects of Yoga and Vedanta, human religion and philosophy; organising cultural and spiritual conferences and discourses, establishing Schools and Gurukulam for the revival of true Sanatan culture. The Ashram also functions as an ideal place of spiritual retreat for the citizens of the world, wherein they can renew themselves and recreate and refresh their being- physically, mentally, morally and spiritually.

    We are focusing on enabling networks of spiritually conscious content and its creators to promote Sanatan philosophy. We are launching the magazine ‘Anhad'(tentative title), for which we are seeking writers who wish to write on spiritually relevant contemporary issues. Through this platform we intend to raise consciousness and spiritual awareness of our audience – people who are seeking to realize themselves and the conscious/global citizens and for which, I will like to inquire if you can contribute to this magazine.

    You can learn more about us at – shrikalyanika.org

    We believe your voice can provide invaluable inspiration & vigor to our audience.

    We hope to hear from you and begin a dialogue for collaboration.

    Shri Kalyanika

  3. Dear Mr. Hari,

    There are lots of resources lying wastefully with Government of India. Can we combine and use them well to make a national heritage mission so our heritage and culture reaches each and every child in the country. If we do this well we an take it across the globe too.

    What are your ideas ?



  4. Dear Mr Kiran. Deeply impressed with your blogs. Just wanted to convey my appreciation.
    I too am a Chartered Accountant based out of Hyd with some degree of interest in philosophy thanks to my education in Sathya Sai college. Wish I had spent much more time reading books on philosophy. Keep up the good work Kiran. Its a great learning experience for all of us readers. Keep up the good work. God Bless.

  5. Dear Sri Arvinda Rao and Hari Kiran,,

    I received a copy of your book and wanted to commend you on your efforts and intention to put together this book. I have read it and have passed it on to all my acquaintances in the US who will be befitted by reading this version of the Hindu scriptures and traditions.
    It has been my goal for some years to re-present the wisdom of the vedic philosophy to parents in the 45 to 65 age group so that they can benefit from this knowledge, as well as pass it on to their children and grand children.

    However there are many stumbling blocks and challenges that come in the way of this transmission. Western conditioning and time being the major road blocks . Having arrived in the US, Indian parents are so focused in the outside world and have no time for the inner journey. When it incomes to parenting and raising children they have been conditioned to believe their responsibility is to breed their children like they do race horses (SAT scores, AP scores, Ivy League schools, spelling bee competition, medical school admission etc.) and the wisdom of their tradition has been chucked in the trash can. To get them to read a 140 page book would be a Herculean task !! There are also certain other ‘mind-set challenges to over come.

    These intelligent, smart parents who are the cream-de-la- cream of the Indian crop upon arriving in the US have such an urge to adopt the US life style that they find it easy to pooh-pooh the Vedic tradition in the belief that it is based on faith alone and has no scientific basis. We too have to blame because the language in which the scriptures are couched lends itself to much misinterpretation. Even Sankaracharyar may have got it wrong sometimes. Unless we can overcome this barrier it is going to be very difficult to get across the wisdom of our ancients to these immigrant driven parents.

    An example would serve to illustrate the point I am trying to make: In your book you define Brahman very elegantly as Infinitely Expanding Conscious Existence and that time and space are appearances in existence. I am in total agreement and love this definition. But in the next breath if you say one day of Brahman equals 8.64 billion years which is half the time span since the estimated time of the Big Bang these “intelligent Indian” parents in the US are going to argue that “You said Brahman was outside time and space and now you are bringing time and space into Brahman??!!” ‘Get out of here!’ would be the American expression they will use!!
    So we have to make sure they don’t immediately throw in the towel and ‘pooh=pooh’ the idea. This is what they are used to doing. Now then we have to drill into the details and tell them that from Brahman’s point of view everything alreaday exits (as a probability) in the now moment and that is the only moment. Time and space are perceptions that arise when objective consciousness moves from one reality to another at billions of reality frames per second. Once we get to this point they are going to jump on our throats because this is not in their experiential reality. This is the kind of challenge we have and this is what needs to be elegantly and convincingly resolved to enable the communication of our scriptures.

    Indian immigrants have very quickly brought into scientific thinking and are moving away equally rapidly from faith based learning. The only way to appeal to the modern mind is to provide the scientific basis so that they can be motivated to have faith and turn to direct experiential knowledge. This is an approach the Advaita Academy should seriously consider in its efforts to spread the priceless message of the Vedic philosophy to a scientifically inclined audience. .

    Once again congrats on your effort which I think is commendable.

    Regards Ramesh

  6. Dear Harikiran garu
    I am unable to reach you on the email id you gave me last time. Please help me get in touch with you.

  7. Sir
    I happened to stumble upon your Advaita Academy while searching for samskrt related materials online as I am pursuing a shiromani course in samskrt from samskrt college, madras. Though I am not a scholar, and completely engrossed in worldly life ( I am an entrepreneur in Chennai) I listen to a lot of kathaa kalakshepams and learn a lot on this subject. And so I understand the value of both the language and our vedanta philosophy. Hence wanted to convey my happiness and appreciation for the efforts you have taken in propagating both. Great initiative.

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